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Turning an eccentric shaft in our company in Heilbronn

Turning another eccentric shaft
Shaft for an electric motor. Length: 2550mm. Diameter: 210mm. Material: CrNiMoV. Manufacturing process: Turning, milling, grinding
Shim for the ventilation area. Material: Aluminium. Diameter: 390mm. Strength: 40mm. Manufacturing process: turning, milling
Chuck. Material: Aluminium. Diameter: 540mm. Length: 250mm. The photo shows the separation with the side and face cutters. Diameter side and face cutters: 400mm

You can see the repair of a flywheel here. We turned and milled the flywheel, made of the material GG20; it has a diameter of 1.20m and weighs 650kg.

Manufacturing process: 2 bearing seats were run in. The bearing seats were machined out, new bushings were turned, pulled in with liquid nitrogen and newly drill finished. The flywheel is used in a 35-ton press in mechanical engineering.

Here you can see an example of our fabricated large parts. The illustrated eccentric shafts are made of the material 42CoMo4V, have a length of 2m, a diameter of 450mm and weigh 800kg. The shafts are used in a 650-ton press in mechanical engineering.

A ball pin with ball socket was turned here. Material: 34CrNiMo. Length: 650mm. Ball: 140mm. Thread: M110x6.

The photograph shows a ball socked we turned from the material CuAl10Ni. The diameter is 180mm, the length 120mm.

This split connecting rod, made from the material CuSn12Ni, was turned and sawed. The fabricated has an external diameter of 310mm and the internal diameter is 275mm.

Manufacturing process: We preturned, sawed, fit together (glued) and final turned the bushing. External tolerance: 310j6. Internal tolerance: 275H6. Concentricity: 0.01mm.

The split bearing bushings were turned and sawed; they are made of the material CuSn12Ni and have a length of 250mm. The external diameter is 300mm and the internal diameter 270mm.

You can see an example of the repair of a connecting rod here. We milled and drilled the connecting rod. It is made of the material St52, has a length of 1.30m, a width of 650mm, a height of 250mm and weighs 1050kg.

The old connecting rod cracked during the production process (fatigue crack). The new connecting rod was manufactured using the old part as the template and is now being used in a 650 ton press.







This retaining plate made of steel 1.4571 was fabricated for the pharma Industry.







Ring made of the material 16MnCr5. Diameter 500mm. Height 80mm.